The response to, PROMISES WE MAKE, has been overwhelming. Readers have been blowing up my email, reaching out on Facebook, posting reviews on on-line sites and I LOVE IT!!! It’s a great feeling to know that people are not only enjoying my work, but anxiously waiting for my next Kimani Romance, ESCAPE TO PARADISE. Here is what some readers have been saying about Niveah and Damien’s very steamy, very passionate  love story:

Roniqua, (Houson, Texas) 5 STARS

This book starts off, Hott! As soon as you start reading you will be pulled in by the hotness from these two, Niveah and Damien. Honestly it will be hard to not feel it. Okay… Everything about this book is downright good! From the passionate scenes, to the exciting and intense build up, to the realistic characters and their journey to true happiness. You have a woman who lives and breathes her work. Feels that’s the only important thing her life. Her friends feel she needs to live a little, lighten up and have some fun. She does it and it is then she encounters a man who will rock her world and change her life! But… He doesn’t only rock her world in the bedroom, he rocks her world in the boardroom…

Whether you’re the uptight work-a-holic or the carefree out going one, or one of the persistent friends, you will indeed feel a connection with these characters. And that my friends is something you don’t find in many books.

If you are a fan of good romance novels, with GREAT story telling, realistic characters and situations, Promises We Make is definitely the book for you. Pamela does not disappoint! Two thumbs up!

Kendra St. John (El Cajon, California)

I just picked up your book. It was so good!! Please make a part two!! I’m sad and excited… sad because it ended and excited because it was the best book I read this year!! You’re a wonderful author and I wish you nothing but the best in the future.

C. Smith (West Palm Beach, Florida) 5 STARS

Niveah Evans is a creative director for an advertising agency who puts her work and job before anything else her idea of fun is staying home and watching TV or just chilling. Her friends Jeanette and Roxi feel she needs to get out and enjoy her life, she needs some excitement in it. Enter Damien Hunter who was at the bar at a New Year’s eve party they were attending. On a dare from her friends she sends him a drink an then approaches him an instant attraction takes place especially after they have a dance. He invites her to his hotel room to see where things might lead, and it leads after some convincing on Damien’s part to a night of passion and a morning of him finding hisself alone.It just so happen’s that these two end up competing for the same job, and it’s on from there. There are alot of twist and turn’s and a very enjoyable story. Pamela Yaye brings to light some intesting medical scenerio’s and show’s that there are good men out there who love’s and care’s about family above all else.  I also love that she brought up to date from the Hollington serie’s what’s going on with Terrence and Kyra.  I found this to be a very good and fast read. I recommend this book whole heartedly so enjoy. Cudos!!!

Diana Johnson, (Kansas City, Missouri)
What an excellent read!  Niveah & Damien were smoking hot! The love scenes were great, just what I like.  Niveah’s friends were a hoot.  I loved their chemistry and the way the sparks flew!
Not only was this book amazing, it was fantastic. As a avid romance reader, this is one book that has captured and held my interest throughout the whole book so much so that I read this entire book in one sitting. Yaye creates a couple that is not only realistic but exciting and intense. I recommend this book to avid romance readers like myself not only because it is an amazing read but also because readers gain a connection with the characters including Niveah, Damien, Roxi and Jeanette. BUY THIS BOOK!It honestly is one of her greatest!

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