I absolutely LOVED writing,  Evidence of Desire, (Okay, I LOVE writing novels period) and fell in love not just with Azure and Harper, but their large, sometimes crazy extended family. I never knew what they were going to do, and I got a kick out of watching how Azure and Harper were going to cope with their zany relatives. I am REALLY looking forward to meeting the Hamilton’s of New York, and I hope you are too. I have been getting some awesome emails, Facebook messages, and reviews about Azure and Harper’s story and just had to share:

Amazon, 4 Star Review:

Evidence of Desire by Pamela Yaye offers a poignant portrayal of a relationship of a couple each burdened in their own way by self-doubt. Ambitious journalist Azure Ellison, looking to take her career to the next level, accepts an unsavory follow-up assignment targeting Harper Hamilton to reveal family secrets. Accomplished attorney Harper Hamilton is more than happy to accept a meeting with the deliciously sexy Azure, as he cannot get her out of his head since meeting Azure at a photo shoot. As sophisticated Azure and gentlemanly Harper cautiously flirt their way through the meeting, warning flags abound for both. When Harper figures out the true nature of the Azure’s assignment and a secret Azure’s been hiding from him, he proposes a story that will benefit them both. All ears, Azure is stunned by his next words, “Marry me.” The proposed marriage-of-convenience would only be for three months, and the whirlwind courtship, marriage, and breakup would be a no-strings attached platonic arrangement. Azure would get to keep her job and advance her career. Harper gets free press coverage and a leg up over his cocky cousin. The question left on the table is how will Azure and Harper handle the simmering sexual chemistry they both have been avoiding?

I enjoy how Pamela Yaye writes characters that are accomplished in their own rights but inner securities bruise their self-esteem. Azure’s image-obsessed mother constantly berates her about her weight and compares her to her world-trotting sister; Harper’s father is never satisfied with Harper’s successes and makes his praise conditional on surpassing Harper’s flashy cousin. It will be a bumpy road for the couple to realize their own worth and their love for each other. Sometimes the reader may be upset by the actions of the hero and heroine and the ending might seem a little abrupt, but the passion between the couple is steamy and juicy enough to keep readers turning the pages.

As the second book in the Hamiltons continuity series, this book provides a little more intrigue into the secrets hinted at in The Case of Seduction. I am enjoying the inner turmoils of the Hamilton family and this adds another dimension to the story between the heroine and hero.

I recommend this book for romance readers who enjoy rich tender stories with a bit of spice.

Amazon, 4 Star Review

Pamela Yaye has yet to disappoint me. This book was such a page turner from the very beginning. I didn’t read the summary of the book prior to reading it, so the whole marriage of convenience storyline was a total shocker for me. I didn’t expect it at all so it made the book even more enjoyable for me. The chemistry between Harper and Azure was palpable. You could seriously feel the steam coming off of the pages whenever they interacted. Their love scenes were on fire also. They were probably some of the best love scenes that I have ever read in a Kimani Romance book. They really pushed the envelope and were extremely erotic which you normally don’t see from Kimani Press so that was a welcome change. Overall this book was gr8 and a must read.


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