Passion by the Book

When I wrote the proposal for, Passion by the Book, I was SO nervous. This book was unlike anything I’d written before, but I was up for the challenge. Thankfully, my editor loved the unconventional storyline, and gave me the room to write the story that was in my heart. I’m married, and know a lot of married people who could relate to how Simone and Marcus felt. That’s why I wrote their story! Passion by the Book is a fun, sexy, novel filled with tons of romantic tips, so steal some and romance your honey!

Romantic Times Magazine gave, Passion by the Book, 4 Stars and had this to say:

PASSION BY THE BOOK (4) by Pamela Yaye: Simone and Marcus Young are living in the lap of luxury due to Marcus’ successful string of gyms. Though the two are still in love after five years of marriage, Simone feels that Marcus is spending more time working and less time with her and their twin sons. Fearing they are growing apart, Simone buys a book that promises to teach her how to seduce and keep her man. With subtle changes in her husband’s behavior, Simone is encouraged — until things take a turn for the worse. Yaye really sets herself apart by featuring an already married couple, offering hope and insight into how much work it takes to sustain a marriage.

Urban Divaz, Rating: 4 Divaz Starz
Synopsis: To the world, they’re the perfect couple. But Simone Young, mother and housewife, feels the passion has gone out of her marriage to Marcus. That’s when she turns to a hot new book that guarantees results. All Simone has to do is rediscover the seductress within and rekindle the passion they once had.
Simone’s total makeover from sensible to sizzling fires desire in Marcus. The fitness guru has been so busy building his empire that he’s lost sight of what they once had together. Marcus feels as if he’s falling in love all over again—except he may be too late. Will he be able to win back Simone and reignite their romance, or is the book closed on their love forever?
Review: Passion by the Book focuses on the trials and obstacles couples face after the honeymoon is over. In this story we meet Simone and Marcus Young, a couple married five years with a set of twins and trying to maintain a balance between love, work and raising a family. Simone feels Marcus has stretched himself thin with building his empire and has no time for her or their family. She is tired of the bickering and seeks the assistance of a self-help book to try to rekindle their relationship. Will she succeed and is Marcus willing to change, readers will need to pick up this one to find out.

Ms. Yaye did an excellent job developing these characters and bringing real-life issues to the forefront of some marriages, which makes it realistic for readers to relate. The theme this book really focused on was that marriage is also a job that both spouses must be willing and commitment to making it work and learning how to listen each other. The pace of this book was good and flowed very well. This is the third book by Ms. Yaye, I have read and I have not been disappointed.

Amazon Review, 5 Stars

This book is a reread for me! There is passion, passion and even more passion. There’s good passion, bad passion, sexual passion, secretive passion. It’s just full of freaking passion. And the drive one did on their spouse! Whew!!! (Just saying, somebody’s an undercover freak!)

Here you have a couple, already married and everything, who on the outside seem perfect, but deep down they really aren’t. There are so many issues they are dealing with and not communicating about. At least not to the right people. They wonder and ask honest to God questions about whether their love is true or not. Were they meant for each other? Was the whole thing a mistake? Did he ever love her to begin with? So many questions married people wonder about now-a-days after being together for so long and start to take notice about certain things. And can I just say, Ms. Yaye delivered, she answered all the questions and more.

I don’t want to give away the story like many other people do, so I’m going to just leave it at that. Just know that other than this being a must have-must read right now book, it can also help someone who may be going through the exact thing or something similar. This isn’t just a romance book to indulge in, it’s a romance/self-help book that has all the right things.

P.S. Wonderful job Ms. Yaye!!!!

Amazon Review, 5 Stars

Mrs. Yaye does it again. In Passion by the Book she shows her readers that love is not always roses and sunshine. There are going to be ups and downs and if you are committed to making the relationship work you are going to have put in work. Loved this couple and the characters in it. I cannot wait until we see more from this couple and their friends.


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