Romance in Color Review: SEDUCED BY THE PLAYBOY (A)

Romance in Color has always been supportive of my work, and I am thrilled that the reviewer enjoyed SEDUCED BY THE PLAYBOY. This is an excellent review, and reading it made me smile from ear-to-ear. My editor, and my fabulous critique partners were instrumental in helping me develop the Morretti Millionaire series, and I share every success with them. Here’s the review for your reading pleasure:

SYNOPSIS: Fiery newscaster Angela Kelly wants nothing more than to take the Windy City by storm. But with her show’s dangerously low ratings, she stands to lose everything. The pressure is on to save her career, and a tantalizing exposé on wickedly sexy professional baseball player Demetri Morretti might be her last shot. That is, if she can handle the irresistible desire brewing between them….
REVIEW: Be careful of making assumptions, rarely are they accurate. Don’t run from your fears, turn and face them; they’re likely less scary than you think they will be.
Demetri Morretti is the sexiest man in baseball but is currently also one of the most notorious. His history of bad boy antics put him in the eye of Angela Kelly, the sexiest woman in entertainment news and the host of the program Eye on Chicago. Angela is doing a series called Athletes Behaving Badly and Demetri is one of her subjects. Demetri views the piece as not only being biased and one-sided, but full of half-truths and outright lies. When he confronts her at her studio, however, the sparks that fly have as much to do with anger as with sexual chemistry. Even though they’re at odds, neither can ignore their attraction. Where Angela is determined not to give into her feelings, Demetri has no such conviction. Instead, he engages in a campaign of seduction where he shows her all sides of himself and opens up his heart. Almost against her will, Angela falls for Demetri but her fear of her own feelings, matched with terror about anyone learning of choices in her past, stop her from giving herself completely and threatens her and Demetri’s happy-ever -after.

Every aspect of SEDUCED BY THE PLAYBOY works beautifully. The two leads are quickly introduced to one another and the progression of their relationship is believable. The reader is given time to enjoy the courtship as well as to relish every aspect of their romance. All the locations in the book, from Demetri’s estate, to Angela’s studio, to the restaurant/lounge Dolce Vita, to the Cook County Food Bank, do their job of setting a mood and revealing different sides of the main players.
Mrs. Yaye’s excellent writing is highlighted when it comes to the dialogue and the characters. Demetri’s honesty in relating his wants and feelings to Angela and by contrast her reticence about reciprocating in kind, is a welcome and intriguing change from the norm. Additionally, all of the other characters in the book – Demetri’s brothers, as well as his personal business team, Angela’s boss, as well as her girl friends – are well-written additions who round out the main characters and drive the story.
All in all SEDUCED BY THE PLAYBOY is excellent. Reading the book is like watching two friends meet and fall in love. Although their road to happiness doesn’t always run smoothly you know everything will work out because they are meant to be. For me, the novel is an absolute buy and I’m looking forward to the next installment in the Morretti Millionaires series.


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