Heat of Passion

Heat-of-PassionHEAT OF PASSION

Their affair is this exclusive resort’s best-kept secret 

Beautiful, ambitious Robyn Henderson fought hard for her place in the sun. Now Belleza Resort’s head event planner is getting ready to pull off the charity event of the season. But when a series of bizarre incidents befall the desert retreat and suspicion points at LA restaurateur Sean Parker, Robyn is convinced he’s innocent. And now her boss’s brother–and secret crush–is drawing her into a sizzling taboo affair.

Sean’s return to the family fold is fraught with pitfalls, especially when he’s wrongly accused. His most passionate ally is his sister’s best friend, a woman Sean has crushed on for years. Aching to make their undercover romance public, he fights to clear his name. As a vengeful adversary plots to destroy his family’s lasting legacy, Sean must decide where his future lies. But can he also convince Robyn to trust in their love?

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Robyn yanked open the door and gasped. It was Sean! He was there, at the resort, which could mean only one thing. He’d made up with his parents, reconciled with Kim, and now all was right with the world again. Robyn couldn’t put her feelings into words, couldn’t get her thoughts in order. Joy and relief flooded her body. “Sean, you’re here!” Overcome with emotion, she threw her arms around his neck and held him tight. “It’s so good to see you. Welcome home.”

Sean gave a hearty chuckle. “Now, that’s what I call a proper greeting.”

“How did things go with your parents? Was Kim receptive to what you had to say? Did you guys smooth things over?

His eyes thinned, darkened a shade, but his tone was a warm, sensuous whisper. “I didn’t come here to see my family. I came here to see you.”

Robyn frowned, tried to make sense of his words. It took a moment for her to understand what he’d said, and once she did, her spirits sank. Panic set in, filling her with a sickening sense of dread. A cold chill pierced the air, caused her body to quiver.

Poking her head into the hallway, Robyn glanced up and down the corridor, praying that no one was watching them. Seeing no one, she grabbed Sean’s hand and dragged him inside her condo. “Did anyone see you come up here?” she asked, slamming the front door. “Where are you parked? What did you drive?”

“Why did you hang up on me?”

The wounded expression on his face tugged at her heartstrings, but Robyn pretended she didn’t hear the question. “Please tell me you didn’t drive your Lamborghini here, because if you did, I’m dead meat.”

“Robyn, calm down. You’re getting yourself all worked up for nothing.”

“Nothing?” she repeated, struggling to control her temper. “Are you kidding me? If Kim finds out you’re here, my life is over.”

“That wouldn’t be so bad. You could move in with me and help me run the SP Grill.”

Was he going crazy?

“You have the most beautiful scowl.”

A giggle slipped from her lips. Leave it to Sean to make her laugh. She couldn’t stay mad at him, didn’t even try, but she had no choice but to send him away. Feeling a heaviness in her chest, she leaned against the door and released a deep sigh. “Sean, you shouldn’t be here—”

“And you shouldn’t worry so much.”

That was easy for him to say, Robyn thought, annoyed by his  laissez-faire attitude. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth; she wasn’t. She needed this job.

“Since you wouldn’t come to me, I brought dinner to you.”

Sean moved Robyn aside and opened the door. His hands were on her hips for only a second, but his touch wreaked havoc. Her breath caught in her throat, and her temperature soared at the feel of his gentle caress.

“I have everything we need right here,” Sean said, holding up a brown wicker basket.       “We’re going to have fun tonight. I promise.”

Robyn sniffed the air, and for the second time in minutes, her mouth watered.

“I hope you’re hungry, because I made all of your favorites. Roasted lobster tails, linguine carbonara and a dessert guaranteed to knock your socks off.” His gaze captured hers, refused to let her go. Reaching out, he slowly stroked his thumb against her cheek. “I drove all this way for you,” he said, his voice a soft, soothing whisper. “You’re important to me, Robyn, and I feel connected to you. That’s why I’m here. To spend some quality time with my favorite girl.”

Her heart softened, turned to mush. No one had ever made her feel so special, so cared for. His words moved her, made her forget her doubts and insecurities. For the first time in Robyn’s life, she didn’t want to do the right thing; she wanted to do Sean Parker.