Seduced By The Bachelor


A game of seduction

Tatiyana Washington will do whatever it takes to right a wrong for her beloved sister…even if it means deceiving one of LA’s most celebrated attorneys. Flirting with elegant, sexy Markos Morretti on a Florida-bound plane is the first step. The irresistible Italian plays right into her hands when he invites her to be his guest at a celebrity-studded charity golf tournament. Spending a sizzling weekend together is a perk Tatiyana didn’t expect. Too bad it can never lead to anything permanent.

The wealthy Hollywood divorce lawyer splits couples up for a living. Yet once he meets Tatiyana, all Markos wants is to lavish her with all his passion. And once he discovers they have met under false pretenses, he only desires her more. Markos vows that two can play at this game, until a brewing political scandal threatens to make his career ambitions crash and burn. Faced with an impossible decision, will he choose the promise of love?

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Tatiyana buckled her seat belt and crossed her legs. She hated flying, and hoped a flight attendant would be around soon with a complimentary glass of champagne. Her first-class ticket had cost more than her mortgage payment and Tatiyana planned to get her money’s worth. She was going to have seconds and thirds of everything, especially dessert, and smirked when she remembered the conversation she’d had with her mom at dinner last night. “Eat your belly full,” Lena Washington had advised, adjusting her crooked, auburn wig. “Hell, at that price, the airline should give you a doggie bag, and a bottle of Sangria!”

Fond memories came to mind, filling her heart with love. Her mother was bossy, and always had to have the last word, but she was the glue that held their family together, and Tatiyana adored her, faults and all. Suffering from postpartum depression, Jantel couldn’t care for her daughter, Allie, so she’d moved her sister and niece into her house. A week later, her mom came to visit and never left. Lena ensured everything ran smoothly at home and doted on her only grandchild. Pounding the pavement for work, Tatiyana could attend interviews, knowing Jantel and Allie were in good hands. Her friend, Daphne Kostopoulos, owned a staffing agency, and gave her hours every week. Tatiyana missed her lucrative position at Pinnacle Microsystems, and was anxious to find another one, but first, she had make nice with Markos Morretti—the attorney who’d swindled her mom out of three hundred dollars—and persuade him to help her kid sister.

Within minutes, the airplane was at cruising altitude, flying high above the clouds. Watching Markos Morretti on the sly, Tatiyana considered introducing herself, but sensed it wasn’t the right time. He opened his briefcase, took out a leather-bound notebook and flipped it open. Pen in hand, he wrote furiously, only stopping to tell the flight attendant what he wanted to drink. “I’ll have a coffee with a double shot of Bailey’s, two sugars and a dash of espresso.”

Sensing this was the opportunity she’d been waiting for, Tatiyana spoke up. “I’ll have the same, but with a double shot of espresso.”

Markos glanced to the right, staring intently at her. Tatiyana wanted to introduce herself, but she couldn’t get her mouth to work. Remembering what was at stake, she conquered her nerves and offered her hand in greeting. “Hi,” she said, wearing her brightest, most dazzling smile. “I’m Tatiyana Washington.”

He nodded but didn’t speak. Jerk, she thought, put off by his cold demeanor. Markos gave her a blank look, making her feel small and insignificant, and Tatiyana wished her happy-go-lucky self hadn’t introduced herself first. Noting some reserve in his manner, she toned down her excitement and spoke in a softer, quieter voice. “And you are—” she prompted.

“Working,” he snapped.

Embarrassed, her cheeks flushed with heat, she forced an apologetic smile onto her lips. “Not a problem. Sorry for bothering you—”

“Thanks.” Returning to his document, he picked up his fancy, diamond pen and resumed writing, scowling as if she was a pesky fly he couldn’t get rid of.

Shocked by his rudeness, Tatiyana realized she’d never disliked anyone more than the curt divorce attorney, and made up her mind to get even with him before Flight 74 landed in Tampa. Deciding to play it cool, Tatiyana slipped on her sunglasses and settled into her seat, pretending Markos didn’t exist. It didn’t work. She couldn’t stop stealing glances at him, watching him on the sly as he typed, and when their arms inadvertently touched and desire exploded inside her, Tatiyana feared she didn’t stand a chance against Markos Morretti.