A Los Angeles Rendezvous


The woman he’s never considered…

Might be the only one he’ll ever need

Jada Allen’s Christmas wishlist is simple: her gorgeous boss. A-list talent agent Max Moore counts on Jada to handle his life—and help him get through to his tween daughter. Yet workaholic Max never really notices her until a makeover reveals the vibrant woman he’s taken for granted. Will one hot night shatter their working relationship or lead to something far sweeter?

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Jada Allen’s ears perked up. Leaning forward in her chair, she listened to the college interns as they strode through the lobby, praising the chic holiday décor throughout the main floor. Beaming, she watched the trio snap selfies in front of the ten-foot evergreen tree positioned in the corner of the room. To make the reception area look more festive, she’d bought a Christmas tree, hung up velvet stockings and mistletoe around the room, sprinkled garland on the leafy, potted plants, and taped oversized red ribbons to the windows. All week, various female staff had tried to get the boss, Maximillian “Max” Moore under the mistletoe, but he was always on the move, and would rather hang out in his office making calls and reading scripts, than the reception area.

“I asked you to make me look good, and did you ever deliver…”

Peppermint tea sloshed over the side of her mug, and splashed onto her gray pencil skirt, creating a damp spot. At the sound of Max’s voice, lust filled her body. His silky-smooth baritone was the sexiest thing her ears had ever heard, and when Jada glanced away from her computer screen and spotted Max standing in the doorway of his office, her mouth watered. Her boss was one of the most eligible and desirable bachelors in L.A., and for good reason. Six feet tall, with buttery brown skin, soulful eyes, and a body that was pure perfection, he was every woman’s dream. If the Oscars’ had a Sexiest Man award, Max Moore would win it every year. Jada had been working for the UCLA graduate for years, but every time he looked at her she felt lightheaded, out of it, as if she suddenly had no control over her body.

It was a miracle he’d even hired me, she thought, cringing at the memory that flashed in her mind. She’d been so nervous during their thirty-minute interview, she’d stuttered, and stumbled over her words. If not for her stellar resume and references, Max probably would have shown her the door, and she would have missed out on working at the popular talent agency. Located only a few blocks from the iconic Kodak Theater on a busy, tree-lined street, Millennium Talent Agency was filled with plush furniture, exotic plants, contemporary art work, and a marble wet bar. Sophisticated, and uber-posh, the office had a tranquil ambience, and Jada made sure everyone who walked through the front doors—whether it was an aspiring actress, a D-list actor or an up-and-coming boy band—received VIP service.

“Good job sending those holiday gift baskets to Brielle and Felicity,” Max praised, his voice filled with awe. “The ladies called me this afternoon, gushing about how thoughtful I am, and it’s all thanks to you.”

“It’s no biggie, Max. I was just doing my job.”

“No, as usual, you went above and beyond the call of duty, and it’s greatly appreciated. You’re a Godsend, Jada. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Jada returned his smile, taking a moment to admire his chiseled facial features, and his stylish, gray suit. A self-proclaimed ladies’ man, who had a penchant for European models, Max was working his way through the Victoria’s Secret roster, and often joked about eloping with a centerfold. Every time he did, Jada felt a profound sense of sadness. Max was everything her father had warned her to stay away from, but it didn’t stop Jada from crushing on her dreamy boss. Jada was attracted to scholarly types, men who loved to discuss literature, and world history, but everything about Max appealed to her—his lopsided grin, his Devil-may-care attitude, thousand-dollar Cuban cigars he smoked in his office at the end of the workday—and over the years her feelings for him had only grown.

“You’re leaving?” she asked, noticing the brown, leather satchel he was holding in his right hand. “Another hot date with Sports Illustrate d’s Swimsuit Model of the Year?”

“I wish. Nothing beats spending the night with a beautiful, curvaceous woman.”

He flashed a wicked grin, and desired rippled across Jada’s flesh. Dimples pinched his cheeks, and if that wasn’t bad enough he smelled of expensive cologne, a scent that was so strong and masculine it was wreaking havoc on her body. Then, Max licked his lips and a tingle shot down her spine.

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